Organisational Rights

A Trade union, or more than one union acting jointly, must prove that its /their members at members at the workplace represent a sufficient amount of employees OR a majority of all the employees employed at the workplace. Depending on such representation the union will be entitled to certain organizational rights.

These rights are:

  • Access to the workplace by a union official to meet with its members and to conduct elections
  • Deduction and pay over of union subscriptions
  • Election of trade union representatives (i.e. shop stewards)
  • Leave for trade union activities
  • Disclosure of information

Recognition Agreements

A recognition agreement is a formal agreement between the employer and organized labour whereby the working relationship, union rights , bargaining units within a certain division of the company, etc…are enclosed in a recognition agreement.

It is usually valid for a limited period or based on the total membership of the union within the workplace.

Closed Shop Agreements

A closed shop agreement relates to where all employees covered by the agreement to be members of that particular union. Two thirds of the employees who are to be covered by this agreement have to vote in favour of this agreement.

Agency Shop Agreements

An agency shop agreement is a type of collective agreement that requires employers to deduct an agreed agency fee from the wages of workers who are not members of the trade union. The aim of an agency shop is to ensure that non-union workers, who nevertheless benefit from the union’s bargaining efforts, make a contribution towards those efforts. Staff may however not be compelled to become a member

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