The official and ongoing educational activities within an organization designed to enhance the fulfilment and performance of employees. Training and development programs offered by a business might include a variety of educational techniques and programs that can be attended on a compulsory or voluntary basis by staff.

Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for performing the job assigned to him. It is a short-term process. After an employee is selected, placed and introduced in an organization he must be provided with training facilities so that he can perform his job efficiently and effectively.

Development is a long-term educational process utilizing an organized and systematic procedure by which managerial personnel learn conceptual and theoretical knowledge for general purpose. It covers not only those activities which improve job performance but also those activities which improves the personality of an employee.

We provide:

IR Training

1. Chairing of a disciplinary hearing
2. Presenting evidence
3. Informal discipline
4. How to initiate in a enquiry

Seminars on Litigation and Amendments


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