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Labour Law Advice from R500 per month

SA LAbour Dynamics now offers a unique and professional service based on the advice and assistance labour issues related to the general work environment, including but not limited to:

  • Leave
  • Abuse of and absenteeism
  • Sick leave and incapacity
  • Grievances
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Warnings
  • Work performance and negligence
  • Basic conditions of employment and the assistance in drafting / providing documents related hereto.

Ad Hoc Rates for services* 

VAT Excluded

  1.  Hourly fee:
    • R1200 per hour - For drafting of documentation, time spent , travel time and costs and attendance at premises of client to consult
  2. CCMA / Bargaining Council : 
    • Conciliation - R3500-00 :
      • All inclusive fee : Consultation , and appearance
  3. CCMA / Bargaining Council : 
    • Arbitration, half day  - R5500.  
    • Arbiration , full day - R8000:
      • All inclusive fee – I.e. Consultation , preparation , filing and paginating , appearance
  4. CCMA / Bargaining Council: 
    • Applications:  R4400-00.
      • Example:  Rescission application or / Opposing condonation - All inclusive fee:  Consultation , drafting of application , filing thereof and appearance


* Rates supplied might change without prior notice. Please request a quote for final pricing.

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