SA Labour Dynamics provides provides polygraph testing as an additional service to our clients:

  • The polygraph is an electronic instrument that measures a person’s physiological reactions to stress. The polygraph technique is based on our bodies’ fight-or flight response to stressful situations (the stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system).
  • When we feel threatened, internal changes occur throughout our bodies, and the polygraph monitors several of those changes (heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and sweat gland activity).
  • In a well-run polygraph there are several different types of questions. Sophisticated numerical evaluation of polygraph charts is the basis for decisions of deception or truthfulness.

Status of tests at CCMA

Polygraphists have been accepted as expert witnesses whose evidence needs to be tested for reliability.

The duty of the commissioner is to determine the admissibility and reliability of the evidence.

Polygraph tests may not be interpreted as implying guilt, but may be regarded as a supporting evidence especially when there is other evidence of misconduct.

1. Specific issue testing – testing to determine truthfulness in any scenario within the workplace or outside the workplace (domestic issues, crime, misconduct, suspected “inside jobs” etc.)

2. Periodic/Random testing – This type of testing is conducted randomly within the workplace on a periodic basis e.g. every 3 or 6 months. It assists in identifying dishonest (and honest) existing staff members. It also serves as an excellent deterrent

3. Pre-employment testing – an extremely effective tool in assisting an employer prior to employing a prospective employee. Various aspects are addressed such as prior dismissals, previous dishonesty in the workplace, serious undetected crimes, prior syndicate involvement, current illegal drug use etc.


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